Renewable Power Generation is one the fastest growing sources of new power in the Energy markets.  For the preservation of our planet, consumers are now more than ever requiring power utilities and even manufacturing firms to focus on producing or utilizing near carbon-free electric power.  

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to secure the planet for future generations.

Renewable energy systems also require state-of-the-art process controls system to manage their day-to-day performance. Champion Controls is already experienced in providing Green Energy control systems.

The Environment Benefits

As far back as 2014, we provided the process controls for a cutting-edge biogas facility at a large wastewater treatment facility in Florida.  The Biogas facility processes Fat, Oils & Gas (FOG) waste collected from local sources such as restaurants.  The FOG was converted into biogas to fuel a cogeneration facility at the plant thereby reducing the site’s overall power consumption and benefitting the environment. Champion supplied the entire instrumentation & controls for the facility.  Our portion of the project alone was over $1.5 million and it demonstrated the high level of confidence that municipalities have in Champion Controls’ ability to get the job done on large process control projects. Click the link below for more details:


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Our Contribution Is Significant

Champion Controls has also implemented process controls for Septage Receiving Facilities.  Septic sludge waste is generated at hundreds of septic waste sources throughout a city and removed and delivered in tanker vehicles to the receiving facility.  The stations are generally unmanned with only an automated interface for the septage truck haulers.  Our control systems automate the truck offloading, screening, and pumping of the waste sludge which is continuously fed to the adjoining wastewater treatment plant where it is part of the waste-to-energy cogeneration stream.

Dedicated Agents Of New Energy

Rodney Laserna

Controls Engineer, Wastewater

Alex Martos

Controls Engineer, P.E Wastewater

Lucas Arrieta Castrillon

Field Engineer

Eduardo Mercado

Controls Engineer

Champion Adapts

Champion Controls’ management strongly supports the industry’s recent decarbonization plans that will lead us forward to a new electric world.  In that vein, we have implemented projects to increase the amount of data monitoring capacity in our SCADA systems, by incorporating more smart devices and power monitors in our control systems and motor control centers.  Doing so gives the user greater access to component data and the opportunity for them to pinpoint how much energy is being consumed and take steps to proactively reduce energy consumption.

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We have also provided modern smart supervisory control systems and exhaust fan control systems for aging subway systems and transportation tunnels, giving the owners greater control over the energy consumption of their systems.

Brands We Partner With

Traditional Energy

Although we are now pivoting to Green Energy, there is still a place for traditional fossil fuels in the energy mix, and Champion Controls therefore also pursuing projects in the oil and gas sector.  We have complete control systems for the offshore oil production platform (FPSO unit) P-58 for Petrobras Norte do Parque Das Beleias Field Development Project. In addition, we have installed modern PLC control systems for Thermal Oxidizer equipment which destroy volatile organic compound emissions that if left untreated would harm the environment.

With this wide range of experience, companies in the Energy sector can rely on Champion Controls to meet their control system needs.

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